Farewell, Old Friend!

My first blog post is dedicated to an old buddy of mine. If you sew a lot, you're doing a lot of fabric cutting. Your best friend quickly becomes your cutting mat (well, along with your other BFF, the rotary cutter). Well, mine has definitely seen better days. It's been damaged over the years (probably a decade!) and I adapted it for continued use by cutting the overly damaged parts off and continuing to use it. It has become such a challenge to use because it's now way smaller than I need when cutting fabric, and forces me to do calculations when cutting--not a good thing! So, I put a Joann's coupon to good use today and replaced it. Well, I replaced it as my main cutting mat but will continue to use it for other crafty, messier stuff... I already used the new mat, and it feels like I'm cooking with gas now!

Leslie Cooper