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Harvest Crafts Handmade was born out of a love for designing and making things that are lovely to look at, serve a function well, and made from natural materials.  Each bag was designed and sewn with attention to detail and quality. 


I’m Leslie, owner of Harvest bags & accessories. I’m a former archaeologist who likes playing in the dirt and focusing on the small details. Harvest evolved from a life-long love of creating things with my hands, and leather and canvas are my favorite materials to work with. Harvest is a collection of small-batch totes and bags, carefully crafted for quality and durability, using hand-picked fabrics and materials that will make you smile. The products are entirely designed, assembled, and sewn in the U.S.A using specially gathered goods sourced from American suppliers. We respect the traditional crafting process, we value and nurture creativity, and above all, we believe in making accessories that express your true nature.